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Show updation. [28 Jun 2004|12:34am]
Holy cow. First REAL update. Here it goes!

Friday, June 25th with Fail Me Not, the Space Pimps, and Paradyme at Club 10.

Fail Me not and the Space Pimps were on tour together all the way from PA. Both bands were fucking AMAZING. Paradyme played 3rd, and threw off the whole setting of the show. They played...and played...and played. Finally they were done and we got to play..We played pretty well. I was pleased with the overall show (minus Paradyme.)

We talked to Fail Me Not and the Space Pimps after the show. They liked us, we liked them, and we're talking about setting up a tour in December with (3 piece) Yeti. We're gonna go to PA with the new and improved Yeti and back when everyone is on Christmas Break. We'll need money though!

Which reminds me...


Saturday, June 26th with the Black Ops and the Dutchmen at Breadstretchers.

We played for a total of around....7 people. But we played damn well. It was a very fun show. The guy from the Dutchmen told us we looked like we were having more fun than any band he's ever played with. Then he laughed about how Alex looked like he was going to die from laughing so hard during a song.

We do have a lot more fun than a lot of other bands do. And we fucking like it that way.

We didn't get to check out the other bands cause we had to go to our next show in Jacksonville.

Saturday, June 26th with Super Famicom and (new and improved) Yeti at the Coffee Club in Jacksonville.

Super Famicom played first. It's just, PJ, and he was ever so....weird. But enjoyable nonetheless. Then after he played, BHS played. We played very well again. I was impressed with BHS for our past few shows. Our live show is getting much better.

Then Yeti played. Was I ever amazed. I've never enjoyed myself at a Yeti show, but they played as a 3 piece. It was amazing. They had so much fun on stage that it made everyone in the whole place have fun. It was a very good show, if I don't say so myself.

So BHS is getting better, and we have shirts now. PLEASE BUY OUR SHIRTS SO WE CAN RECORD! Come to our next show!

July 2nd at Breadstretchers. 6pm. We play first.
July 4th at Club 10. 7pm. Not sure when we play.
Check older entries for more information.

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Another show to add to the list. [21 Jun 2004|08:18pm]
Saturday, June 26th
$5 at the door
with No Tomorrow, Black Ops, and the Dutchmen.
Not sure when we play.

I've also been e-mailing bands from St. Louis to get a show around there sometime soon. Wish us luck!

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SHOWS [19 Jun 2004|01:14am]
Hey kids. We've got a bunch of shows coming up. Check them out.

Friday, June 25th
Club 10
Advance Tickets from us - $5
Door - $7
With Space Pimps, Fail Me Not, Greenwood, Paradyme
7 o'clock. We play last.

Friday, July 2nd
Door - $5
With Pacemakers, Midnight Fall..., Resident Genius, and Even in Blackouts
6 o'clock. We play first.

Sunday, July 4th
Club 10
Advance Tickets from us - $5
Door - $7
With Pacemakers, I Voted for Kodos, and TBA
We play probably first or second.

Tuesday, July 13th
Club 10
Advance Tickets from us - $5
Door - $7
With ATM and TBA
Not sure of line up yet.

Early August

That's it for now. Check back for more updates.

(How's the band?)

The first fuckin post. [18 Jun 2004|12:52am]
So here it is. The BHS Livejournal. I just started it up so I'd have something to do when I got home from the shows and my adrenaline was still a pumping. So enjoy kids, enjoy.

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